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In the fourteenth century six brothers came from Sweden to Great Britain and settled in Wales. They were millers and apparently found what they were looking for in Pembrokeshire with its many streams and fertile land.

Bountiful crops of wheat, barley and oats were grown, which meant plenty of work for the mills. Each of the brothers built for himself a water mill for grinding grain, and one of these was our very own Slate Mill (From The Midas Touch, Codd, 1980).


Slate Mill Lodge




After years of restoration Slate Mill is a completely modernized, energy efficient building. The building has solar-powered assisted water-heating and rainwater is collected for use in the toilets and laundry.


Guests have the choice of self-catering or B&B style accommodation, in warm comfortable, en-suite rooms. The lodge itself is set in 20 acres of our own land, so those seeking some fresh air can walk amongst the rolling hills and streams enjoying views of the Pembrokeshire National Park and local wildlife.


Slate Mill Lodge


Slate Mill Lodge

Dale Road



SA62 3QR

T: 01646 636 767